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tv   [untitled]    February 15, 2012 4:48am-5:18am EST

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it is to the sexes that manufacture wheedles of most stores. the time has come for us to remember our values to put right all our wrongs to celebrate our humanity and truly live the belief that each of us is the same parson as all of us who. were the because who was only pseudo few use only one hand nothing happens but with thousands of hands things will change. why did i protest at all when people are scrounging for work without any freedom they are reprised and arrested by the government told me i'm of letting out of the family i. got there on the military trucks smashed the gates and entered the monastery they beat
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up everyone and destroyed everything they tied up the monks they kicked anyone who looked up. for you know that you know they made the monks crawl to the trucks they beat them from behind until they vomited blood. regardless of our lives we protest we protest for freedom. it's always the what the regime is doing is very unjust getting students and monks in jail as political prisoners. monks were and continue to be tortured and. sit on us military dictatorships never care about the people you do it to us and. the way they control and subjugate with fear of the law don't be on a teacher. laugh.
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that was. last. seen. as monks we don't take up arms and nick that we don't start and revolutions that would or yeah i know no more. than making the political situation would not benefit from armed revolution. i would say that the protest wasn't successful because many were killed.
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in the past no one knew that the dictator tortured bait and arrested people need upolu moment we are but we know these of them are you can little idea. who they are will suffer on the revolution and show the world the cruelty of his regime of our you need to know yes that is what all of this is one tangible victory. in your government. the notion of what we do as people all around the world have huge consequences. for the extraordinary global mobilizations of february fifteenth two thousand and three when the world said no to war there were somewhere between twelve and fourteen million people in the streets that day all with the same slogan the worlds as no two in
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a hundred different languages it was an amazing outpouring was summed up the guinness book of world records said it was the largest outpouring of humanity on one issue in the history of the world might not and should face later the new york times wrote there are once again two superpowers in the world the united states and the global public opinion that was huge we failed to stop your. but it did me in that when the war happened no one could deny that it was illegal this wasn't a situation where the us had been able to bribe and threaten enough countries of the un that the un gave them permission. might be an advantage to. be. a. bit like. pentagon playing own ego dives the sun comes up i want to break things
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a common goal. so we're trying to realistically as possible present this world as it could be so people can see what it's like. you start to work towards it and know we have to push to make things actually. the strike you have to. go sit in the box offices if they don't do what you want it to do all kinds of things to make things interesting and that's what. that needs to be different. and that should be because the. people. believe. that the. need to do is go back to take our lead not from a political party or
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a politician. but take our leave some people struggle cross the floor have the audacity to say no. because then there we must raise our voices so we can the only thing left is to fight to fight to fight the touch please. please
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. just like your. daughter. my daughter my you know you're basically right you're going to. come for me. because. they're always. going to be just cut cut. cut cut cut cut. cut cut
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cut. cut. cut. cut. cut cut cut cut cut. cut so. what do you say to me with john mccain we did well. that's why. you. can't wait. till you want to. go to greece is. that going to do you go back and they. can see. cut. cut cut cut. cut cut. cut cut.
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cut cut cut. in with them and. let me show you on the markets i. will see.
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wealthy british soil it's time to cut out of the money. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy cause reports on are. losing sleep.
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syria announces a referendum on a new constitution to take place the last one two weeks while sporadic fighting across the country shows no sign of abating. rallies to mark the anniversary of approached him ocracy op rising in bahrain are put down with the tactics and weapons from the u.k. sparking claims of western hypocrisy over different revolts in the region. and sizing up the rivals u.s. leaders swap almost smiles for china's visiting vice president and leader in waiting as the two nations fine for the upper hand in
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a turbulent relationship. live from our headquarters in central moscow you're watching r t with me and he said now it's great to have you with us two pm here in the russian capital and twelve noon in damascus syrian state t.v. has announced that a referendum on a new constitution will take place in eleven days that's as reports of new outbreaks of violence continued to pour out of the country with tanks being deployed to the fourth largest city of hama and an oil pipeline blown up in homes well arty's an ocean is in syria now joins us live on the line maria the assad regime seems to be keeping its promises it's now announced the date of the referendum eleven days as we've said but at the same time some alarming reports coming on crackdowns from across the country what is happening what do you seeing
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there on the ground. only thing did today did they told the national referendum or new constitution the country's new constitution has been allowed to invade and eleven days of the response to be how do you hear and. suddenly the president of syria and the syrian government have already confirmed the new chapter. he drafted to end the not follow the ruling party so that they even say that people will die when people called in to. the surely. the amendments to the constitution will allow to make the constitution more troops crimes and more than the conflict actually this is very important to demand says that initially this was very little because if you have a large bird. it now will casey's going to take place a little bit earlier and the reason behind that may be slightly situation in the
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country which is a very very complicated piece of news comes amid. reports that both violent. and tried in a different country a different city go across. the country journal today reports from hama. allegedly trying to clean deployed around the city from the trying to. make clear but also receiving reports from homes where they reportedly. told high crime apparently why and maybe try again from the mosque to the capital damascus we're receiving reports about the literally searching the residential areas who paid for opposition members because we are right now selling. these. countries we have got sixty five. dollar are actually we've seen the ok so for example no car as we are asked to go. a lot of the country is actually already
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right now all these kind of random actually that's required some ability of police to go to a fundamental let me repeat here is that these people are asking for current coliforms and trying to go here a p right now we think unfairly. that's. her and i'm going to leave may. they be able to change the situation in trying to create hands and complicated in the last eleven months till the gases that. are pulled actually. it's very hard to carry five new reports and usually they can't want. to show any from along the way they are pretty sure that they're working for human rights and these reports are pretty hard to verify actually here's
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a lot of older adults. how difficult is that to know exactly what's going on in the country. since the beginning of the uprising in syria last march the regime of bashar al assad has been accused of refreshen torture and killing but with abad much of homes blame has since focused on our side forces attacking civilians and shell in residential areas. the beautiful yard calls himself a member of the opposition and intellectual not through aleutian every one his stresses from a social democratic group originally from hopes he blames assad for mistakes which allowed bloodshed at the start but he just defies what the regime is doing in his native city now he is the two i mean he is the trying to. protect civilians i think that in many gangs you know there is
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a title and everyone can claim that he belongs with this title and no one can ban him the danger posed by the armed forces was seen in the killing of a french journalist last month and bill says when he went to homes he put in his mind that the syrian opposition is very peaceful in the g.m. is trying to frame them so he he was like a pioneer in the call and he was killed by the some gang attacks on government targets have become increasingly bloody themselves with twenty eight people killed and scores injured when an attack on a military base in a letter last week an f.s.a. free syrian army representative at the meet its responsibility before the organization later denied it blaming the government forces a claim ridiculed by the regime when the insurgents and terrorists have committed this attack only an insane person could say that the government is killing its
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officials and officers and destroying its own administrative buildings these armed terror groups were created to commit these crimes and they have committed them in the past and. continue to do so if the west and the arab street support them last sunday the arab league for food political and financial support for the opposition to unify its ranks it is similar call from the leader of al qaida and muslims to unite efforts to help overthrow bashar al assad recent reports suggest iraqi weapons qatari troops and libyan rebels are role in syria on the opposition side this makes for a volatile and highly dangerous makes. many western powers interested in fomenting unrest and syria and so they'll turn a blind eye to extreme weapons coming in through borders like lebanon and turkey to create the very militant i won't call them terrorist but very dangerous armed
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groups but the west has its eyes wide open when it comes to the reported death toll to come of the no un figure more than five thousand employees civilians only but that's bigger leaves out any mention of pro-government forces killed in the conflict some say the numbers are destroyed to meet political objectives. our number so for six thousand. six thousand but you would be surprised to know that over two thousand eight hundred. and this is. good commented foreign pressure has focused on the assad regime but the syrian government and its international supporters say there's been a total failure talk not only to violence from opposition forces which has been a key factor in the country's present turmoil they won't find it a solution to the country's crisis isn't possible without recognizing all its causes written off now t. damascus syria. you can also log on to our t.
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dot com for more on the conflict in syria on our web site the latest developments of the story or trace back to how it all began we have exclusive footage online for you and first hand impressions from the blogs of our correspondents who actually visited the war torn country. well the pictures are familiar regime forces cracking down on protesters but this times they this time they emanate from bahrain activists trying to mark the one year anniversary of a pro-democracy uprising were dispersed by heavily armed police and fire bennett reports the weapons as well as the tactics may have been imported from the u k. tear gas and stun grenades supposedly the work of a reformed police force but one year on since the first anti-government protests will crushed in bahrain it seems not much has changed the only difference now the
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crackdowns been planned by one of britain's former top cops john the ates used to be assistant commissioner of london's metropolitan police he now works for bahrain's monarchy which says he's there to oversee police reforms the police have borrowed or behaving despicably their latest trick is to throw cancer tear gas into homes of people they don't like shut the doors and people have died choking to death tear gas or use out of doors and i think for any british police officer overstimulate is retired to be associated in any way with his is his role yes resigned from scotland yard last year an early fix him of the phone hacking scandal he popped up in bahrain in december as part of the regime's p.r. campaign to clean up its image a campaign pushed hard it seems by yeats himself he recently told the daily telegraph his new charges had a well rehearsed plan for the anniversary of the uprising adding the concept of reasonable reaction to provocation has been reinforced. as for the uprising itself
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he said this isn't organized protests it's just vandalism rioting on the streets claims hotly disputed by london's bahraini community i mean you get thousands and thousands of people. demanding their rights. you seem to forget that sixty sixty five people actually died from police brutality activists in bahrain insist their protest was peaceful their aim to reach the iconic pole roundabout in the capital manama they say they were met by tanks toxic gas and rubber bullets what we witnessed on their own as not. the front or from. previously but it's been extended through the toxic gases and use of poisoning. mr john contributing we should see
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a positive things of the ground what we're seeing today as nothing acceptable it may not just be british tactics bahrain's using but weapons to government figures show the u.k. sold over one million pounds worth of rifles and artillery equipment to bahrain from july to september last year long after blood was spilled that's despite insisting all licenses had been revoked as for yates his contract runs until april by which time he hopes to put in place concrete reforms on this evidence that seems a long way off either bennett r.t. london. mideast expert eric elise says the different attitudes world powers are taking to rising are easily explained by how useful the regime is to them. those countries which i regard it as as the west or stooges of the west basically not to criticise regularly it's not just the gulf states and bahrain in particular
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it is also countries like yemen whose brutal dictatorial press of the prison former president is currently in the united states receiving medical treatment there were demonstrations in saudi arabia a few days ago which got very little coverage of course the saudis have no democracy at all it is probably the most undemocratic country in the entire arab world no one talks about this because it's a useful country it has or has and it does what the west starts to mention in bahrain was greenlighted by the united states which is very strong in that principle and they crushed the uprising. well terry go he has also provided us with some insight on the current crisis in syria a special interview with him is on air later this hour but before that here is what else is coming up in the program turkey wants to get out of the economic war on iran and to protect its national interest by continuing to import raney and oil.
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that's coming up for you but first in america it's been a tough first day of talks for china's vice president leader in waiting she joining paying american colleagues began by voicing disappointment with beijing's economic policies and ended with its stance on syria criticism was also level that china over its copyright and forstmann and human rights record which the visiting vice president eloquently apart from the brief exchanges the day was largely ceremonial as american leaders find stuff changing paying the man widely tipped to be beijing over the next decade christine for reports now on the rocky relationship between the two economic giants. he loves me. loves me not that age old question is one china at least has every right to ask regarding its relationship with the united states just in the last three years china has been whined to dine.
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praised and envied for its ability to do whatever it wants but right now china government can disconnect parts of its another in the case of war we need to have the chinese p.z. row capital gains tax folks in congress are also going to get a chance to decide later. in the month whether our construction workers should sit around doing nothing while china builds the best railroads the best schools the best airports. in the world but it turns out those chocolate covered compliments seem to come just as frequently as those cold hearted criticisms from human rights to currency devaluation to trade we finally need to confront the issue of trade with china all too often china's been competing in a way that's tilting the playing field and is unfair to u.s. workers and it's not just the president himself those hoping to take his job also
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tend to flip flop on china these guys around for us and in and out of it and looking for ways to. get to work to harness china doesn't want to various they want to see has succeeded thrive so we can buy more chinese products ivan eland senior fellow at the independent institute says the paradox transcends the rhetoric we borrow a lot of money from china too so it's quite a curious thing that we're really borrowing money to pay for defending other countries from china right i mean that's what really during the mixed messages are reaching the masses as well in a recent gallup poll by fifty two percent to thirty two percent americans were more likely to name china than the united states as the leading economic power in the world today even though it's not however in a separate survey when asked which country represents the greatest danger china came in second only after iran in life and love there appears to be a fine line between resentment and respect i want to be china i want to go to war
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with china and make america the most attractive place in the world to do business if you look at china they're in a very different such as they say for their own retirement security they don't have the f.t.c. they don't have the modern welfare state and china's growing it's that growth and the sharing is caring relationship that has bound these countries in this holy union this trade and economic interdependence with china is really a defining factor and perhaps like most relationships there's nothing simple about the. between the u.s. and china there are disagreements about who gets to lead when how to spend the money and how to raise the children but the fact is this relationship is one that's going to be around for generations to come in washington christine r.t. . well paul craig roberts who served in president reagan's administration says that u.s. desperation to stall china's rapid rise to prove.


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